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Pranic Healing Practitioner and Feng Shui Consulting 

Reiki Therapy


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Pranic Healing is a complementary therapy system that uses energy to detect and correct imbalances of the body's energetic system.

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By cleansing the physical and etheric energy body through the Meridians and Chakras of old used up energy, it is then necessary to replace and energize with clean, healthy, healing energy to enable the physical and emotional body to function better heal at a quicker rate. This enhances the body's own healing instincts and continues the healing process using this new clean energy days after the sessions.

What causes our body's energy system to become diseased, depleted and congested??

There are many factors that contribute to the energy in your body becoming diseased and depleted and stress and anxiety is high on that list. Physical injuries can also cause these stressors and when these conditions are not treated and remedied, they affect our whole energy system and has a cascading effect to more serious illnesses and disease.

Pranic Healing is a no touch modality which helps both physical and emotional ailments from anxiety, addictions, depression, anger, resentment, to relationship and weight and financial issues.

 Pranic Healing also promotes inner peace and wellbeing and is great way to get your body, mind and spirit back in harmony!

Energy Healing


Bringing in Harmony

Stressed working from home?

Is sleep, and relationships affected?

Using the principles of traditional Chinese Feng Shui and the Ba Zhai system, this consultation includes assessing external landforms, the Chi of the site and the home, and also looking at the birth date data of each family member to create a more balanced atmosphere enhancing and tapping into auspicious energies and harnessing those for better sleep,

for business and family harmony.

Recommendations are customized and specific to meet the needs of the client.



A Comprehensive Approach


Have you considered how you can enhance:

Your work environment?

Employee productivity?

Customer relations?

Business performance​?

Catering to the long term success and growth of your business, this consultation includes a location and site evaluation, analysis of the interior building, and review of the birth data of key employees to reach a 

customized solution.​

Focused on the long term success and growth of your business

Interior of a stylish boutique full of an assortment of housewares, bags and accessories f


Out with the old, and in with the new energy!

As a licensed Realtor in Florida, I know buying a home is a big decision and a major purchase.

Matching you to the best home for you and your family's health, relationships and prosperity is very important. Using principles of Feng Shui and Ba Zhai, house selection is done by matching people to a house which promotes good health, relationships and prosperity.

Selling  or buying a house?

When selling your home I will choose an auspicious date for signing contracts. I will also cleanse the energy of the home you are preparing to sell. Included when you list with me.

As buyers, I will do a  complementary space clearing of your new home so the energy is cleansed and fresh. Free service as your buying agent!.

Space Clearing

As an Advanced Pranic Healer, clearing the energy of a home, office or building of any remaining unwanted or negative Chi will help a space feel light and lifted and cleansed. This cleansing can be done anytime to any space and or property, however if you are buying a new home it is preferably to cleanse before you move in.

Please contact me for more details.

Luxury House - Pranic Healing of real estate

Living in harmony, it not only sounds good, it feels good too!

Contact me for more information or click the link to book on Calendly.

Space Clearing
Office design to enhance business performance


Diane Miralis Feng Shui Expert, Reiki Master Advance Pranic Healer
Hello there!

Welcome to my site, I hope you find some helpful information here.

I am a traditional Feng Shui expert, a Reiki Master and Advanced Pranic Healer... I guess you could say I'm drawn to energy!  I began my energy work after completing Reiki I training in 1996, & Reiki II in 1997 and began consulting treatments. I started seeing the results and hearing the positive feedback from clients and that's when I knew I wanted to know and learn more about energy, the energy that surrounds everything, the universal energy of the earth, and this is what led me to Traditional Feng Shui.

After a move to the USA from Australia in 1999, I began to search for training in traditional Feng Shui and I found a Master in 2002 that I felt was for me, and so began my journey of learning and practicing Feng Shui. Over the years I have expanded my Chinese Metaphysical studies to enable me to help my clients with the broadest information I can. This continues today, 19 years later. I am also a Realtor in the Tampa Bay area of Florida and have been helping people buy and sell for the past 7 years.

I am married and have three amazing grown children and love spending time with them and their partners. I love kayaking, boating, traveling, my cat Simba, and my grand doggies Aja, Hazel, and Jax!

I work with passion, purpose and knowledge to get the results my clients are looking for! Nothing changes without change, if you are in need of help to find a better balance in your health, relationships and prosperity, or whether you’re looking to maximize business productivity and profit, please send me a message or give me call today.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.



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I look forward to hearing from you!


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