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Traditional Feng Shui Expert, Advanced Pranic Healer, Florida Realtor, Reiki Master

Hello there!  Thanks for stopping by. I hope that I can assist you in what you are looking for, but for now, read on...

I am a traditional Feng Shui expert, a Reiki Master and Advanced Pranic Healer... I guess you could say I'm drawn to energy!  I began my energy work in 1996 after completing Reiki I training and then Reiki II in 1997. I started consulting and immediately started to see results, and the clients  feedback of their experience was excellent. That's when I knew there had to be more to learn about universal energy and my searches led me to Traditional Feng Shui.

After a move to the USA from Australia in 1999, I began to search for a master to learn from. I found him in 2002, and so began my journey of learning, practicing, and learning more that continues today, 19 years later!

I'm an associate member of the International Feng Shui Association USA Chapter and also a committee member.

I work with passion, purpose and knowledge to get the results my clients are looking for, so if you are in need of help to find balance in your health, relationships or maximize your prosperity within a home or a business.

Send me a message or give me call today to discuss how I can enhance you and your environment!

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